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I Have A Great RaSof Score – How Come I’m Not On The First Page Of Google?

4 January, 2008 (11:33) | Search Engines, Tools | By: Nick Dalton

This is the fourth installment of the RaSof/rApogee mini-tutorials. You can read the previous posts here:

First keep in mind that RaSof only deals with on-page ranking factors. In addition to the HTML on your page, search engines also consider the URL of your page and other web pages linking to you. According to James Brausch on-page ranking factors account for about 40% of your search engine ranking. 40% is huge and these are factors that you have direct and immediate control over. That is why RaSof and rApogee are such powerful tools. But even if you maximize the on-page ranking factors for your page, other web pages can still rank ahead of you based on their domain/URL and link factors.

Side Note: You can score your URL using the software Nemeas.

The second issue to keep in mind is time. Even if you make changes to your home page today, it’s going to take Google a while to index the new page. And it’s going to take even longer for Google to update the ranking of your web site based on the latest crawl. The Google ranking algorithm is very complex and it involves checking other web sites that link to yours to determine the relevancy and authority of those web sites for each query. The entire Google ranking system cannot be recomputed every day (not even with Google’s massive resources). Therefore you will see your ranking fluctuate day by day as different parts of the ranking system is recomputed. If you consistently apply the recommendations of RaSof and rApogee, as well as take action to get incoming links to your page, you should see your ranking improve over time.

This concludes my mini-tutorial series. No doubt you still have questions about search engine rankings and the softwares RaSof and rApogee. Therefore, tomorrow I will have an open question time where you can ask me any question on this topic. All questions will be answered on Monday and there will be a prize for the best question. Before you ask a question please check out James Brausch’s recent answers on the ranking topic. Your question may already have been answered.

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