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Interview with Brendon Burchard

31 December, 2007 (16:28) | Life | By: Nick Dalton

Ken McArthur has finished writing his book Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions, and Make a Difference in a Noisy World. (You can still listen to the recordings of his sessions with the writing coaches at Awaken the Author Within. Their goal was to do all the actual writing in 12 hours. Very useful information for any aspiring writer.)

Ken is now following the new book promotion model where you give away a ton of good stuff to generate interest and spike sales of the book. The book is not out yet, but you can sign up to Ken’s site now and start enjoying his freebies.

First out is an interview with Brendon Burchard. I’ve written about Brendon before and his excellent book Life’s Golden Ticket. Listening to Brendon always gives me a boost of positive energy. Highly recommended!

Go here to download the interview:

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