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A Christmas Gift For You To Complement The One From James Brausch

26 December, 2007 (00:42) | General, Search Engines | By: Nick Dalton

Again this year James Brausch gave away some of his products to all the people who had signed up to his Christmas card list. (And again controversy erupted when some people felt like they “missed” their gift. Just like last year…)

Since it’s the day after Christmas I think I can reveal the content of James’ gift without spoiling any surprise:

  1. he Ranking Factors Data which contains the raw data for how the three major search engines rank web pages. This product used to sell for $1000, but is no longer available.
  2. A free trial to the RaSof service which uses the ranking factors data to give any web page that you enter a “score” for the keywords that you enter. This is very helpful for improving the search engine ranking for your web sites. This service is normally $1000 per month.

I’m a long-time owner of both products. The data they contain is unique.

However as a beginner user of the products the amount of data, and the raw presentation, can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore I created a companion product called rApogee which takes the information and presents it in a more organized and actionable form. You can read more about rApogee here and here.

With James’ generous Christmas gift I reckon there will be many new users to RaSof and I would like to make their experience as productive as possible. Therefore my Christmas gift to you is a free copy of rApogee. Here’s the page to sign up and claim your Christmas gift.

To ensure that the electrons of this blog post reach all the remote corners of the Internet, you have all Twelve Days of Christmas to claim your gift. That is until January 6, 2008. After that date you will still be able to purchase rApogee for the regular price of $105.

That will also give you time to let your blog readers and customers know about this gift. (Hint.)

If you find rApogee useful I’d appreciate if you leave a comment below.


Comment from Charlotte Babb
Time: December 30, 2007, 07:36

Thank you for your fabulous gift, and your comment on my blog. It makes the data into information quickly and accessibly. Now I know what to do with James’s gift. Happy New Year to you both.

Comment from Aaron Anderson
Time: January 4, 2008, 00:11

Wow! Awesome gift. This makes RaSof so much easier to use.

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