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Swipe Attention Grabbing Phrases

14 November, 2007 (10:09) | Copywriting | By: Nick Dalton

Swipe files are collections of headlines, phrases, paragraphs and whole sales letters that are known to work well. Copywriters use them for inspiration whenever they write new copy. They painstakingly build their personal swipe file over their career. Not unlike programmers who maintain libraries of well working code for jump-starting the next project. Top copywriters half-jokingly say that they’d rather share their wife than their swipe file…

Rich Schefren is always sharing good information for free. You can get his latest “Phrases That Keep Attention” from his blog. No cost and no registration required.

If you’re looking for a swipe file with complete sales letter templates you should check out Yanik Silver’s classic Instant Sales Letters.

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