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Review – Article Submitter

12 November, 2006 (01:27) | Article Marketing, Reviews | By: Nick Dalton

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You can purchase private label rights for this software. Therfore you will find it under many different names (Article Submitter, My Article Pro, My Article Submitter, Article Money, to name a few) and at different price levels. They all share the same functionality.


First you start by filling in your personal information. Only one user and one resource box is allowed, so if you are submitting articles for multiple sites you have to either install Article Submitter in multiple locations, or change the information each time.

Next you write your article by filling in the text boxes for title, article text, summary and keywords.

Then you go to the Websites tab where you select which web sites you want to submit to. There is no information other than the name of the site to help you determine what types of articles each site accepts. The program does not have a feature to update the list of sites and it’s unclear how old this list is. But you can add sites yourself to the list.

After you have selected the sites to submit to you go to the Auto Fill tab and click Start. Article Submitter will now bring up each page in an embedded web browser and attempt to fill out each site’s article submission form as best as it can using the information you have entered in the program. The success rate of how many fields are correctly filled out varies from site to site (and you can fine tune this to some extent in the advanced section on the Websites tab), but you typically have to manually fill out or select a few fields, e.g. article category. You also have to press the submit button manually. There is no history or record of which sites an article was submitted to.

The final tab is called Manual Fill and is basically a web browser with a list of URLs for article submission sites. In a few cases the Fill button will successfully fill out some form fields, but mostly this section is aptly named Manual Fill.

Price $15 – $97
Money back guarantee Typically 30 days
Demo available No
Number of publishers (web sites, ezines, etc) 163. Article Submitter has 138 Auto Fill article directories for you to start posting your articles to. It also has an additional 25 Manual fill articles directory sites as well.
Add your own publishers Yes
Posts to membership sites Yes. All submissions are done manually with form fill help by the program.
Select which publishers Yes
History No
Submits unique articles No
Article summary Yes
Article keywords Yes
Article category No
Write article Fill in a text box in the program
Spellcheck No
User Manual HTML
Software updates No
System Requirements Windows

Data compiled Oct 10, 2006

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