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Is it worth your time and attention to attend conferences?

22 October, 2007 (22:56) | Life, Reviews | By: Nick Dalton

The reputation of Internet marketing conferences is steadily declining. In many cases it’s for a good reason: you pay a lot of money in conference fees, travel, hotel, etc and you end up sitting through presentations that are just thinly disguised product pitches. So it was with some trepidation that I attended Ken McArthur’s jvAlert Live in Long Beach this past weekend.

Beforehand Ken said multiple times that his jvAlert Live event is different. It’s more like a family reunion than a marketing event. Ken even organized an online family reunion for old and new attendees. That all sounds great, but which event organizer (or affiliate promoting an event) would not say that their event is better? I’m known to be skeptical, and somewhat jaded, but I love being proven wrong.

And boy was I wrong! The quality of the speakers and the attendees was outstanding and their accessibility was exceptional: I had lunch and dinner with world class speakers and Internet business legends every day. Yes there were product pitches at the end of most presentations, but only after some real and useful content had been delivered. Since the presenters pay their own way to the conference I think this was a fair trade-off.

It was a fairly small event, around 60-70 attendees, so I had a chance to speak to almost everyone there, from seasoned multi-millionaires to beginners who had not yet made their first dollar online. I learned something from each and every one.

I came home not just with the usual stack of business cards, but with real connections and real friends. I also came away with two million dollar projects, not just ideas (they’re a dime a dozen), but real projects. I’m starting work on the first project this week. It’s in stealth mode for now, but stay tuned to this blog for future announcements. It will democratize one of the remaining bastions among media empires.

Thank you Ken for inviting me into the jvAlert family!

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