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An overlooked marketing opportunity that is free

18 October, 2007 (22:11) | Testing | By: Nick Dalton

We all want more traffic to our web sites and one way to achieve that is to get your links in front of more people. While there are countless ways to do this, here’s one that is overlooked by many marketers: Add a URL with a short marketing message as a signature on all your outgoing emails.

If you have multiple web sites a customer that you’re interacting with may not know about your other offerings. Since you already have a relationship with that customer that are probably more likely to click on your link.

But don’t take my word for it. Test it and track it. In a previous article I talked about adding tracking code to your email campaigns. Use the same approach for your email signature. Here’s an example:

<a href=""> Digital Security Report</a> - Are your valuable digital products available for free download?

In this case utm_source=nick refers to a specific email address which has this email signature. If you’re testing different signatures to see what converts better, you can differentiate between them with a third Google Analytics parameter: utm_content=1, utm_content=2, etc.

Keep in mind that different email clients handle HTML differently. So before you settle on an email signature send test emails to different email clients (Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac OS X Mail, Outlook) as well as web mail clients (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc).

While on the topic of marketing using signatures – I’m sure that you have a signature that links to your web site when you post messages in a forum. But do you track those clicks other than by referrer? If you only rely on referrer then traffic coming from the various online forums that you participate in can easily be lost in the noise. With the technique above you can measure all the traffic from forums as a group (utm_medium=forum) and then drill down on individual forums (utm_source). Here’s my signature from the Warrior Forum (using Forum Code instead of HTML):

[url=""]Tips, Tricks, Tools & Techniques[/url] for your Internet Business, Life, the Universe and Everything.

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