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Why do Internet Marketers want your physical address?

12 October, 2007 (14:18) | Copywriting, Reviews, Testing | By: Nick Dalton

Most Internet Marketers live in the digital world where online advertisements and sending emails are just about free. But more and more you’ll come across marketers who insist on getting your physical mailing address.

It is no secret that most Internet Marketing strategies and tactics have been used successfully for decades in the offline Direct Marketing (DM) world. With email deliverability and click through rates steadily declining online marketers are looking for new ways to reach customers. Again, old fashioned DM comes to the rescue.

One of the Internet marketers who has been very successful in combining online and offline campaigns is Russell Brunson. If you haven’t done so already you should download his IM-Myth report and read it for inspiration. True to the message of the report there is a one time offer after you sign up for the free download where you are “bribed” to also part with your physical mailing address.

You have probably received dozens of emails from various marketers urging you to download the report from their affiliate link. Even though the report was free, Russel Brunson paid out $1 per download to the referrer. This list building technique was pioneered online by Scott Boulch and his Death of AdSense reports. (Note that this part of the campaign is over, my link above is not an affiliate link.) Of course Russell Brunson didn’t pay out over $50k just to build an email list.

Earlier this week the other shoe dropped with the launch of the 12 Month Internet Millionaire. This is a recording of a 6 hour coaching phone call Russell Brunson had with Vincent James about 1.5 years ago. I had never heard of Vincent James before, but he claims to have made over $100 million in 23 months. So he seems like a guy worth listening to. Here are some of the things you will learn from the 12 Month Internet Millionaire recording:


  • Sell memberships to get access to wholesales or distributor prices. It’s much easier to sell an annual $40 membership than to compete on price with all the other companies selling the same commodity product.


  • Get the customer to agree to locking in a discounted price and send them the same order every month. Make it sound like an exclusive club – a benefit to the customer. (Worked for dietary supplements.)
  • With monthly recurring billing people often just tell their credit card company that they don’t want to pay anymore instead of calling the seller. Then this will be a chargeback on the sellers credit card merchant account. If the chargeback percentage is too high you risk loosing your merchant account. To prevent this they included a cancellation coupon in the second or third shipment.
  • For information products you can sell a CD with interviews for $1 and then send the customer a new CD each month for $39

Direct Mail

  • There are three types of mailing lists, in order of responsiveness: buyers lists, subscribers lists from magazines and compiled lists from warranty cards, questionnaires, etc.
  • Check usage reports on mailing lists before you buy. You want to see a high percentage of customers who have continued to use that list over time.
  • Don’t waste your time on small lists. It takes just as much effort to test 1,000 names on a small list as it does for a large list. If the test is successful you want to have a large well to go back to for more names.
  • Use a list broker. It will save you time and effort, and it doesn’t cost you anything.
  • The best pulling envelope has a simulated handwritten address in blue ink, a first class stamp, a return address sticker, all on a standard OfficeMax envelope.
  • Postcards are good for offers of a well-known products and you’re solely competing on price. Or if you’re just driving traffic to your web site.

Life Time Value of Your Customer

  • In the direct mail world you have to know the lifetime value of your customers, because a good campaign will break even on the front-end offer. Therefore you need a series of back-end offers, which together make up the lifetime value of the customer. Since online campaigns are practically free you don’t have to be so stringent with calculating the lifetime value of your customers. But there is a huge upside and profit potential if you do.


  • Simple copywriting tips:
    • be excited about the product you’re about to write a sales letter for
    • tell a story in the first person
    • become an actor and get into the role of the target customer
    • use a swipe file
  • The four reasons why people don’t buy:
    • they don’t know your offer – you’re not very good at getting attention
    • the don’t want it – you’re targeting the wrong list
    • they can’t afford it or they can’t justify the price you’re at
    • they don’t believe you
  • A quick trick to increase the response rate once in a while: Run the usual ad that’s just breaking even and add a new headline above it that says this is the ad that we had to cancel last month since we sold out so fast.

Call Centers

  • To jumpstart your own call center script, call and order another successful product and record/transcribe the conversation with their call center.
  • If a call center charges 80 cents per minute and your script is 10 minutes, that means you’re paying $8 just to take the order. Offer a bonus for ordering from your web site to reduce the number of incoming phone calls and thereby reduce your costs.


  • For magazine ads use an editorial style layout. Make it look like the magazine it’s running in.
  • Right hand pages have better response than left hand pages. Specify RHP when you place your ad, even if they can’t guarantee it. Place your cut out coupon in the lower right hand corner to make it obvious that the ad should go on a right page, since it’s difficult to cut out a coupon if it’s in the gutter.
  • For magazine circulation you should look at paid copies sold and preferably numbers audited by ABC.
  • Don’t waste money on brand advertisements; it’s just traditional institutional advertiser justifying worthless ads.


  • When you find something that works run with it as fast as you can before people start knocking off your campaign and your product. Run all types of media in parallel.
  • If you find advertisements of knockoffs of your product talk to the magazine and pay to become the exclusive advertiser for your type of product.
  • Establish credibility over your competitors.

Expand What Works

  • Sell what’s already selling.
  • When you’re successful with direct mail, start magazine advertising to reach more prospects and then to radio and ultimately TV.
  • If you’re successfully marketing only on the Internet then you are not fully exploiting the market.

Testing and Tracking

  • Test the big things: headline, price, envelopes, lists.
  • Use different 800 numbers for every advertisement. That way you know how many orders each ad or list generated.
  • Alternatively have the phone operator ask the customer where they saw the ad.
  • For mail in coupons add a code to the address, e.g. a department code of CD6 could be Car and Driver June issue.
    If the coupon was cut out from a magazine you can just look at the back of the coupon to determine which magazine it came from.
  • For online order you can have a drop down where the customer selects which magazine they saw your ad in. But that is not so good for competitive reasons. Better is to have a different landing page for each ad.
  • Track the response for every ad for every issue and keep running them until they no longer make money. If your ad is really good it could be sucking out prospects faster than the magazine brings in new customer. In that case no amount of tweaking the ad will increase the response.


  • Here’s an interesting tidbit that blew me away: The customer database Vincent James used to run his $100 million dietary supplement business was Microsoft Excel with some add-on macros.

The 12 Month Internet Millionaire audio files are good if you want to listen on the go or in your car. But if you’re like me and you can read much faster than most people speak you will appreciate that a complete transcript is included as well. Unlike most audio transcripts that I’ve seen lately, this one actually seems to have been proofread, although there are some blanks where presumably the audio was skipping. However it’s way too verbose at 197 pages. Vincent James has a very conversational way of speaking and every “you know” is captured in the transcript.

I just learned that the 12 Month Internet Millionaire product has became the #1 best seller on ClickBank. This surprises me a bit, since this is definitely not a products for beginners – there are no step-by-step instructions. The products contains tons of good ideas that can give you inspiration for both your online and offline business. And if you enjoy reading and learning about marketing it’s definitely a good read. You can find more information here.

If you decide to look at the sales page I’d like to give you a warning: I think it grossly oversells the product. It has very little to do with Internet business and a whole lot with direct mail and other offline marketing techniques. If you are interested in the topics listed above in this post, then this product will appeal to you. If you’re just looking to become an Internet millionaire in 12 months, then this is not the golden ticket.

If you enjoy reading in-depth reviews like this one, please let me know in a comment below. And don’t forget to sign up to the RSS feed or the email notification list so you will be notified of the next one.

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