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How do you write a 100 page book in 12 hours?

20 September, 2007 (10:08) | Copywriting, Life | By: Nick Dalton

Preselling a product before you create it is usually a good strategy. That way you can determine if there is a viable market before you spend time and resources on developing the product. My friend Ken McArthur (famous for jvAlert, jvAlert Live and his digital watch) has managed to presell his upcoming book so well that a major publisher is making it their headline book this spring. A big advance has been paid, full color ads are being printed, everything for a big book campaign is in motion.

There is just one little problem: Ken hasn’t written his book yet! Maybe he took this preselling concept a little too far…

I’ve written many reports and ebooks so I know that writing a full length book is a lot of work, at least it is for me. So I would feel under pressure and be a bit worried if I was in Ken’s shoes. When I’m embarking on a new venture where I have no prior experience I always try to find a good mentor who’s already successful at what I’m trying to accomplish. For his book writing project Ken has engaged one of the best in the business: Glenn Dietzel and his team from Awaken the Author Within. They are confident that Ken will be able to write a bestselling book in just 12 hours.

12 hours for a hundred pages is 8 pages per hour, or about 30 words per minute. Whoa! That’s half the speed of a good typist doing clerical work. Ken has not only have to type this fast, but presumably also put some thought into what he is writing. I’ve got to see how this system works! At that speed I could crank out 10 long posts per day for this blog…

Ken has invited me (and you) to watch over his shoulder as he’s writing his book. You will learn the tips and tricks Glenn and his team use to make Ken a bestselling author in record time. If you’re doing any amount of writing this could be a very interesting and educational journey to watch. Ken is a big and generous man, but there is limited space to watch over his shoulder. You can sign up for a spot at


Comment from Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady of
Time: September 21, 2007, 04:32

HAHA! I’m so glad you are coming to watch the animals in the zoo perform! :D I’m part of Glenn’s team at Awakened, and I have written books that fast. Naturally, there is a secret to it…

and you want to come and play and watch us coach Ken McArthur so you can discover what the secret to fast-writing a book is.

Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady of
author of I’ll Push, You Steer AND
The Kama Sutra of Storytelling

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