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A copywriting tip that anyone can implement

16 September, 2007 (22:03) | Copywriting, Life | By: Nick Dalton

Copy ProtegĂ© recently had a good tip that anyone – regardless of copywriting skills – can put to use immediately: After you have finished writing your copy, put it aside for 24-48 hours. When you haven’t consciously thought about the text for a day or two, read through it again with a fresh mind before you submit or publish it.

Terry Dean dispenses similar advice in his Monthly Mentor Club Newsletter: After you have done all your research, but before you start writing, take a break and let your subconscious work on the problem for a while.

While I’m by no means in the same league as Terry or the copywriting professionals at AWAI, I use a similar technique for my blog posts. I prefer to write using a nice pen and old fashioned paper. And since I have the great fortune to live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, I work outdoors as much as possible; inspired by the sounds of nature.

My handwriting is much slower than my typing, so it gives me extra time to think about what I’m writing. Also I don’t worry about spelling, URLs, checking quotes and facts at this point. I just let the text flow. Then I let it sit for an hour, or a couple of days before I type it into my computer. Later as I’m reading and typing, I typically make significant improvements to the text.

Writing while offline also has the great benefit of minimizing distractions. As Matt says, it’s amazing the amount of work you can get done when you’re disconnected from the Internet.

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