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Review – Article Post Robot

12 November, 2006 (01:28) | Article Marketing, Reviews | By: Nick Dalton

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Full review coming soon.


Price $127
Money back guarantee 30 days
Demo available 7 days
Number of publishers (web sites, ezines, etc) 430
Add your own publishers No. The Article Post Robot development team maintains the list.
Posts to membership sites Yes
Select which publishers Manually select from list
History Shows number of sites posted to for each article
Submits unique articles Yes. Post Random Composited Articles in Directory: Users can select a directory of Article Content (.txt file only) by using button ‘Folder’. Article Post Robot will randomly select Paragraphs from these article content and composite an article to post to the site. For example, if you have 5 article content in the directory, and each of them has 6 paragraphs, then you may have 5*5*5*5*5=3125 composited articles, and you will have unique article on each article site you select to post to. Note that, the article content in the directory should have the same # of paragraphs, and the corresponding paragraph should have the same meaning. Otherwise, the composited article may make no sense.
Article summary Yes
Article keywords Yes
Article category  
Write article Text box in program
User Manual PDF
Software updates Yes
System Requirements Windows XP Home Edition or Professional Version, Windows 2000 (SP3);.NET Framework 2.0
Other Need to login each time to Article Post Robot account before submitting. This is to protect the copyright of the software.

Data compiled Oct 10, 2006

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