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Review – Artemis Pro

12 November, 2006 (01:30) | Article Marketing, Reviews | By: Nick Dalton

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Overall Artemis Pro is very simple to setup and use. The user interface is not as friendly and feature rich as it could be, but it gets the job done. If you are primarily concerned about search engine rankings, the feature to submit unique articles makes the software worth checking out.

Note: There are several private label versions of Artemis Pro available at different prices. For example: Article Pro Software and Unique Article Publisher. There is also Fred Black’s Artemis Pro Pre-Processor Utility which is a separate product that simplifies the work of creating the three article variations.


Artemis Pro was one of the first article submission programs to tackle the duplicate content problem. Artemis Pro submits unique articles to each web site, and the theory is that search engines will not recognize them as having very similar content. All articles with very similar content do typically not show up in standard search results, and they probably do not contribute as well to your search engine ranking.

In order to create multiple unique articles you need to write three different versions of each article that you want to submit. Artemis Pro will then combine paragraphs from the three available versions to create a unique article. The math on this is that with just five paragraphs in your article plus a title, a total of 729 unique combinations can be created.

For the paragraph combining algorithm to work all three article variations need to have exactly the same number of paragraphs. Here the program is a bit finicky since it counts empty lines as paragraphs and it can sometimes take a while to figure out exactly why the number of paragraphs differ.

Artemis Pro does not have a built in text editor where you write your article. Instead you write your article in your favorite word processor and save it in the Artemis Pro directory as a text file. The documentation recommends that you use Notepad to write your article to ensure that you get a plain text file. However the program also requires that you manually line break your article at 60 characters or less per line. This is quite a chore when using Notepad.

Once you have created the three article versions and your resource box, the submission process is fully automated. Artemis Pro automatically looks for keywords in your article to determine the category and only submits the article to publishers who accept articles on that subject. First the article is submitted to sites with Munius, which is another product by the same vendor. The good thing about Munius article directories is that many of them will immediately accept and publish the article, and in our testing articles started showing up in search engine results in just 2-3 days. After the internal list of Munius sites is exhausted, the article is submitted to other publishers. During the submission process a running count of successful submissions is shown at the top of the screen. The process takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of sites submitted to and the speed of your internet connection. Since no user interaction is required, you can go and eat dinner while it’s running.

For competitive reasons Artemis Pro does not reveal the list of publishers (article directories, ezines, newsletters, etc). All the vendor will say is that it numbers in the thousands. In our testing the program reported that it submitted to between 400 and 500 sites, depending on the topic of the article. Again, the names of the sites submitted to are not revealed, just the total number.

In addition to using the internal list of publishers you can add your own unlimited number of lists. The only limitation is that the publishers that you add must accept your article via email.

Price $105
Money back guarantee 8 weeks
Demo available No
Number of publishers (web sites, ezines, etc) thousands
Add your own publishers Yes
Select which publishers Automatic based on keywords in the article
History Submitted articles are moved to a subdirectory to avoid being submitted again
Submits unique articles Yes.
Article summary No
Article keywords No
Article category Automatic based on keywords in the article
Write article Use any external word processor and save article as text file
Spellcheck No
User Manual Videos
Software updates Yes. Every time you start the program it checks for updates
System Requirements Windows XP or Windows 2000, an Internet connection, Internet Explorer 5.0 or later and a sound card/speakers to watch and hear the training videos.

Data compiled Oct 10, 2006

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