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Isn’t there an easier way to install WordPress?

9 March, 2007 (12:43) | WordPress | By: Nick Dalton

Installing software on a Linux server is often way beyond beginner level. Even WordPress with its famous 5 minute installation requires you to create a MySQL database, a database user, assign permissions, and edit a configuration file. It’s not rocket science and if you follow my WordPress Installation Tutorial it’s just a matter of following along the steps.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click one button and have the whole process be done for you? Of course there are solutions out there that do this. But as with any product you need to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks.

Some web hosting providers, like 1&1, provide a one-click installation of WordPress. When I last tried this about 6 months ago it was as simple as can be: just click the icon and a few minutes later you have a WordPress blog. The problem with this particular setup was that it ran as a shared installation and I did not have access to the WordPress directory. This made it impossible to install any new themes or plugins, thus defeating the main benefits of WordPress, in my opinion. Honestly I did not spend a lot of time to figure out if there was a way to install themes and plugins with the 1&1 setup. (If you know how please post a comment on this blog.) It was just quicker to install WordPress manually.

Many web hosting providers that offer cPanel also include Fantastico De Luxe. This is a tool that has installation scripts for many products, including WordPress. Since it’s integrated with cPanel, it’s very easy to use. One important item to be aware of regarding installation tools like Fantastico is which version number is being installed. Open source projects typically release new versions often. In many cases it doesn’t matter if you’re not running the very latest release. But when there’s a security issue involved you really want to be able to quickly upgrade to the latest version without having to wait for the installation tool to be upgraded and then for your web hosting provider to upgrade the installation tool.

Wikipedia has a good article on Fantastico.

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