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Why use BlueHost for your WordPress blog?

6 March, 2007 (14:45) | WordPress | By: Nick Dalton

There are thousands of web hosting providers and dozens of web sites dedicated to evaluating and recommending reliable web hosts. Without diminishing the value of these sites, here are the simple reasons why I selected BlueHost as the web host in the WordPress Installation Tutorial:

  • BlueHost is listed on the Web Hosting page. The WordPress community is a tough crowd to please when it comes to commercial services. Their integrity, and thus their recommendation, carries a lot of weight with me.
  • Their versions of PHP and MySQL are recent enough to run the latest version of WordPress, and likely the next version as well.
  • cPanel is included which simplifies setup.
  • The price of $6.95 is competitive for the features included (host up to 6 domains, 200 GB storage and 2,000 GB transfer). If you pay for 12 months in advance one free domain name is included.
  • You get $50 worth of free Yahoo credits and $25 free Google credits. This almost offsets the cost for 12 months of hosting. (Be careful with your Google and Yahoo ad campaigns though; you can use up $75 in a hurry. Better get help from an expert before you get into too deep water.)

The Installation Tutorial shows how to setup your own domain and web hosting using BlueHost as an example. If you already have a hosting provider you can of course skip this video and begin with the next step: Download and unpack WordPress.

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