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Thank You!

21 February, 2007 (10:12) | Life, Tools | By: Nick Dalton

Thank you for the link James! Yes I am probably a little bit nuts, but as you point out I already had developed the spreadsheet for my own use. Not to get me to take action, but to help me be more productive with RaSof. I found myself scrolling, scrolling and flipping back and forth between RaSof and Ranking Factors. Now all the information is there right at my fingertips. And yes it’s nicely organized and in color. :-)

Taking the extra step to create a product out of my spreadsheet, record a few videos and put up this web site took a couple of hours, but it provided a very nice ROI. Thank you to all my new customers who have purchased rApogee!

If you have any questions about rApogee before you purchase, please ask them in a comment to this blog entry.

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