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Can rApogee help you with RaSof?

15 February, 2007 (16:35) | Search Engines, Tools | By: Nick Dalton

James Brausch writes: RaSof Price Too Low?

This blog post is both a lesson about pricing… and a warning that one of my most popular services will have it’s priced increased by 10 times at noon tomorrow.
The current price is only $100/month. That price is drawing in tons of very poor customers. The refund request rate is once again at 75%. That service doesn’t even offer a guarantee. There have been four denial of service attacks against the web-site. It’s not a good thing.

I’m writing this blog entry so you recognize the problem when you have it with one of your own products. Many would be tempted to simply withdraw the product from the market. It seems obvious that customers are not happy with it. That’s not the case. I’ve seen this before and I’ll probably see it again. If I’m wrong this time, I’ll post here and give an update… but I’m almost certain this is simply a case of pricing the product too low.

In the spirit of unabashed self-promotion I would like to invite you to take a look at rApogee – a presentation and organization companion for RaSof. I developed it for myself to help me better understand and make use of the Ranking Factors data and the results produced by RaSof. I’m making it available commercially so that others may gain the same benefits as well.

Please note that rApogee does not include RaSof or any Ranking Factors data. You have to purchase the RaSof service directly from James Brausch. (Do it before noon tomorrow!)

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