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Where else can statistical copywriting be used?

20 January, 2007 (15:45) | Copywriting | By: Nick Dalton

In a previous installment of this tutorial ( you learned how to optimize AdWords ads using the statistical copywriting tool Glyphius. In this lesson we’ll look at other applications of statistical copywriting.

Statistical copywriting should be used on any text that is meant to sell. An obvious application is sales letters and online sales pages. Be sure to test and compare each section of the sales page separately, e.g. headline, product description, closing paragraph. Here are some other applications of statistical copywriting.

General Vocabulary

When I was writing this I was struggling with some general terms: Should it be called a tutorial, an e-course or eCourse or maybe e-classes? And should each part be called a part, a lesson, a class or maybe an installment? Here are the scores that decided the terminology:
tutorial – Score: 109
e-course – Score: 21
eCourse – Score: 23
e-classes – Score: 2
part – Score: 74
lession – Score: 59
class – Score: 4
installment – Score: 119

Call to Action

At the end of your sales letter you need a call to action so that the prospect clicks on your order link or performs some other action. Consider the following real examples from around the web:
Click here to order – Score: 172
Click here to order now – Score: 89
Click to order securely – Score: 209
Order ACME software: $105 – Score: 293
Click Here For FREE Access! – Score: 131
Click Here Right NOW To Try ACME – Score: 79
Click Here Right NOW To Try ACME, Before This Marketing Test Offer Is Closed – Score: 222

Another example: If your web site has a form where visitors can sign up to your mailing list you should analyze the wording very carefully, including the text on the submit button. The default from your autoresponder service is probably “Submit”. However this scores a very low 14. A much better wording is “Sign Up!” which scores 141. In a split test this change alone doubled the opt-in rate, confirming the Glyphius scoring.

Email and Forum Posting Titles

Another implicit call to action is the subject or title of emails and forum postings. Your first goal is to get the reader to open the email or click on the forum posting to read the rest of your message. This is a perfect application for statistical copywriting.

Domain Names

Before I selected a domain name for this tutorial I ran many names through Glyphius to see how they scored. Here are some of the results: – Score: 367 – Score: 364 – Score: 343 – Score: 330 – Score: 276

There is another tool made by the same author as Glyphius which is specifically intended to score domain names and URLs. It is called Nemeas and the interface is as simple as Glyphius. Just enter a list of URLs to score and the keyword to score them for. Here are the results for the keyword “copywriting”: – Score: 185 – Score: 125 – Score: 237 – Score: 247 – Score: 202

Why the difference in the order the domain names were ranked by the two tools? Glyphius scores against profitable ads and sales copy, while Nemeas scores against Google search engine ranking factors. Both are important. Before running the numbers, my original intent was to use (dot com is already taken). But the best combination of the two is, and that gives me a broader scope should I want to evolve this site beyond strict statistical copywriting.


When you’re introducing a new product one of the most difficult decisions is to set the price. Why not run the numbers through Glyphius?
$35 – Score: 38
$37 – Score: 8
$39 – Score: 19
$40 – Score: 17
$45 – Score: 18
$47 – Score: -12
$49 – Score: -1
$55 – Score: 12
$65 – Score: 26
$97 – Score: -14

Makes you wonder about all those $47 and $97 products…


If you’re using articles to market your web site (you should!) then you know the importance of the article title and the resource box at the end of the article. If the title is not compelling enough then people won’t even click on it to begin reading. The resource box is your chance to show your URL and entice the reader to come to your site. Don’t send out any articles without optimizing these two important elements.

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