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Who uses statistical copywriting software?

18 January, 2007 (14:04) | Copywriting | By: Nick Dalton

I consider myself an amateur copywriter, and with my limited natural skills and talent I find statistical copywriting software to be invaluable when I’m writing anything where I want to attract readers and have them take some action.

Surprisingly, I found myself in the company of several very big name copywriters who also use the same software to complement their creativity. Here are some quotes that I found around the web.

First off, I have thoroughly enjoyed using Glyphius, because you have turned my headline writing into a “video game” of sorts.

Let me explain… once I find a fairly strong headline (a headline that Glyphius scores 500 or better), I do everything I can to beat my high score! It’s become somewhat of a game for me to try and “top” myself. And so, if I got nothing more from Glyphius than the motivation to best my latest headline – I have gotten tons of value.

But it doesn’t stop at the headline. For the past 2 months I have used Glyphius to write superheads (eyebrows), subheads, opening paragraphs, closing paragraphs, PS’s, and everything inbetween!

And I love the challenge that Glyphius presents to me every time I turn the thing on.

- Brian Keith Voiles

We can use Glyphius to not just come up with the most winning headline. We can come up with maybe five of the top ones. That gives you something to work with. Go out and test those headlines. Don’t take it for gospel. [...] I think Glyphius is an extraordinary tool.

- Michel Fortin in an interview with James Brausch

If you haven’t yet read Michel’s thought-provoking report “The Death of The Sales Letter” you should download it now. Although the title follows a tired trend of “The Death of …” reports, the content is top notch.

Clients don’t pay us for our creativity. They expect measurable results for their marketing investment. Copy tools like Glyphius help us do just that. Get a copy and test it on your own copy and promotional campaigns. Remember, when you maximize your clients’ results, you maximize your own rewards!

- Roberta Rosenberg, “The Copywriting Maven”

Glyphius is a simple-to-use piece of Windows software that allows you to statistically calibrate your writing against a huge database of successful ad copy. In other words, the software is like a massive automated swipe file that lets you see the effect (good or bad) of using certain words in the specific context you are writing about.

Based on my own use of the software, I’m joining in on the chorus of praise.

- Brian Clark

Brian has 10 excellent lessons on Copywriting 101. This is essential reading if you’re a beginner copywriter. No registration is required to read the lessons, but while you’re there I would encourage you to subscribe to his Copyblogger blog. Good stuff!

I took the Glyphius tool and reworked the sales copy on one of my sites that was currently pulling about an 8% opt-in rate for my free email course. After reworking it, the opt-in rate jumped to 15%.

I have seen an increase in each sales letter that I’ve reworked with Glyphius.

- Michael Humphreys

Michael has a nice blog at where he gives his honest opinion about copywriting products he has purchased.

I typed in a headline and let the software test it. It supposedly looks at your headline and compares it to a huge database of tested words, phrases, and other headlines. If you scored low, you change your headline with a word or two, or some punctuation, and test it again. You keep trying to create a headline or sentence with a higher score.

This was fascinating. I became addicted to “the game” of seeing if I could improve my headline. I was learning as I went along, too.

- Dr. Joe Vitale (”Mr. Fire!”)

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