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Review – Yanik Silver’s Underground Secret Society – Issue 30

8 February, 2008 (16:56) | Reviews | By: Nick Dalton

Underground Secret SocietyYanik Silver has a printed newsletter called the Underground Secret Society. Each month you get a red dossier marked Top Secret in the mail. (Yanik goes all out with his spy theme…) The dossier typically contains a 20-40 page report written by Yanik, a transcript of an interview, and a couple of CDs with additional material.

This month’s report focuses on the task of keeping affiliates and partners engaged and fired up to promote your product or services. If you have ever tried to recruit affiliates for your products you know how difficult it is. Yanik gives several good tips on what really motivates top affiliates. No it’s not money…

To bring it from the theoretical to the practical and actionable, Yanik gives a full insider view of one of his latest campaigns, and a peek into a few other high-profile launches. All the JV emails are listed (some of it feels redundant) with his commentary and explanations of why he used certain incentives and specific phrases. All in all, it’s a great lesson in psychology.

Next topic is going from testimonials to case studies in your sales letters. And Yanik gives you the exact wording you should use when you’re collecting testimonials to allow you to use them the right way.

Finally there are a few pages on how to uncover hidden benefits and letting prospects sell themselves on a product. Rich Schefren used this technique in his latest launch, as have many others, so it’s not really a secret. But now I understand the psychology behind it. Very smart!

Unfortunately I cannot reveal more details about the contents, because you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement when you become a member. So far I’ve received two monthly dossiers and they have both provided a lot more value than the (rather hefty) monthly fee.

You can get a one month free trial here:

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