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Ken McArthur’s Perpetual Learning Series

30 January, 2008 (09:31) | Business | By: Nick Dalton

Ken’s pre-launch campaign for his upcoming book is gathering steam. He just added 100 hours of audio content that you can access for free at The recordings include:

  • Andy Jenkins, Anik Singal and Nathan Anderson on Search Engine Optimization
  • Rosalind Gardner on Affiliate Marketing
  • Brian Voiles on Copywriting
  • Jack Humphrey on Critical Mass Promotion
  • Willie Crawford on Article Marketing
  • Mark Joyner – “What’s Coming Soon… Profits or Disaster?”
  • And about 20 others

There is no such thing as a free product, so don’t spend the next 100 hours of your life listening to all this audio content just because you don’t have to hand over any money for it. Use the just-in-time learning methodology. For example: If you are just about to host your first teleconference then look at the available content and you’ll find a presentation by expert Gary Nuckles. Search for and use the information only when you need it.

You can sign up to The Impact Factor here.

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