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Month: April, 2007

Glyphius has a small problem with counting

18 April, 2007 (15:06) | Tools | By: Nick Dalton

One nice feature of Glyphius 2.0 and Glyphius 2007 is that a count of the number of characters in the text you are scoring is shown below the text box. This is great for writing AdWords ads where the number of characters per line is severely restricted.

Today I was trying to cram as much meaning into a 25 character headline as possible. And more than once did I end up with a count of 26. Despite liberal bending of the rules of the English language, I was stuck. In frustration I decided to manually count the characters, and to my surprise there were only 25 when Glyphius reported 26. Huh?

It turns out that if the input text box is empty, Glyphius correctly reports the number of characters as 0. If you enter a single character, Glyphius proudly displays 2. And so on.

Once you’re aware of this, it’s not a big deal; simple addition and subtraction is not that hard, for a human. Best of all is that I now have one more character to play with in my AdWords headline!

I won’t call this a bug since the author claims that bugs are a myth. So I’ll file this under:
“An interesting, but benign observation that Glyphius works differently than I would have designed it.”