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Track Your AWeber Confirm Opt-in Rate

12 February, 2008 (21:07) | Tracking | By: Nick Dalton

AWeber prominently displays your deliverability rate, the open rate and click rate for emails that you send out using their service. There is one other metric that is a little tricker to find, but it’s equally important for your marketing campaigns.

One campaign I was running was doing fairly well, or so I thought until I happened to see the confirm opt-in rate: more than half of the prospects who entered their name and email address on the lead capture form did not confirm their email address. Ouch!

Here are two ways that you can check the confirmed opt-in rate in Aweber:

Search Leads

  1. From the Home page first select the list.
  2. In the table “Quick Lead Stats” on the Home page there are two columns called Today and Yesterday. The numbers in these two columns are links for the selected list. Click one of them.
  3. On the following page you will see a list of all your new leads for that day along with their confirmed opt-in status. Leads that have not confirmed their email address are indicated with the text “Unverified” in bright red. Here you can eyeball the ratio of confirmed leads. To get the exact number you can do an advanced query using the field name “Verification Status”.


  1. Select the Reports tab.
  2. The default report “Daily New Leads” will show you both in a graph and in table form the number of Subscribed and and the number of Unverified leads per day.
  3. The “Verified Leads” report shows you Subscribed and Unverified leads for the past 30 days, along with their percentages.
  4. The “Verification Times” report is an interesting graph. It shows how quickly leads verify their email address. In the example below 50% of the leads verify their email address within about 5 minutes, and within 12 hours 90% have done so. Keep in mind that these percentages do not include leads who never verify their email address.

AWeber Verification Rate

This AWeber tip is an extract from an upcoming special report.