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3G iPhones Already Here?

1 April, 2008 (03:00) | General | By: Nick Dalton

Recently I’ve been immersed in iPhone application development. So I was intrigued to see this: Most Current iPhones Are Already Capable of 3G!


iPhone Tips & Tricks Ebook Updated for 1.1.3

4 February, 2008 (06:42) | General | By: Nick Dalton

My 101 iPhone Tips & Tricks ebook has been updated with 53 new tips and tricks dedicated to the 1.1.3 iPhone update. On January 15, Apple introduced their new updates. Today, just two weeks later, I’m announcing 22 pages of all new material. This makes it the only up-to-date resource available currently.

All previous customers have already received this update for Free. Now is your chance to get it before the prices go up (knowing any future updates are also covered).

Here are some of the new things you will learn:

  • Customizing Your Home Screen
  • How to make a Web Clip of a section of a web page
  • A cool way to use photos of your friends as Web Clip icons
  • Creating a Web Clip as a speed dial
  • A great source of over 600 iPhone web applications
  • A new feature in the Text Application that can be rather costly
  • Two surprising restrictions with iTunes movie rentals
  • The first DVD that implements iTunes Digital Copy
  • How to automatically find and import lyrics for your iTunes songs
  • The Gmail update that could inadvertently delete your emails

The 1.1.3 update is probably the most significant change to the iPhone since its release. With an update of this magnitude some bugs naturally sneak in. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • You’re unable to upgrade to 1.1.3
  • The cryptic error message "Pairing Record Missing"
  • Text message conversations getting out of order
  • Voicemail is silent
  • Sound from the iPhone is missing altogether
  • Some Bluetooth devices no longer talk to your iPhone

The 101 iPhone Tips & Tricks ebook has the solutions and workarounds for them.

To celebrate this 1.1.3 update I’m offering a special price on the ebook: a 42% discount! But only for the next 113 hours. So hurry and get your ebook now and start learning the insider tips and tricks of the new features of 1.1.3. Here’s the special URL to get the discount:

A Christmas Gift For You To Complement The One From James Brausch

26 December, 2007 (00:42) | General, Search Engines | By: Nick Dalton

Again this year James Brausch gave away some of his products to all the people who had signed up to his Christmas card list. (And again controversy erupted when some people felt like they “missed” their gift. Just like last year…)

Since it’s the day after Christmas I think I can reveal the content of James’ gift without spoiling any surprise:

  1. he Ranking Factors Data which contains the raw data for how the three major search engines rank web pages. This product used to sell for $1000, but is no longer available.
  2. A free trial to the RaSof service which uses the ranking factors data to give any web page that you enter a “score” for the keywords that you enter. This is very helpful for improving the search engine ranking for your web sites. This service is normally $1000 per month.

I’m a long-time owner of both products. The data they contain is unique.

However as a beginner user of the products the amount of data, and the raw presentation, can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore I created a companion product called rApogee which takes the information and presents it in a more organized and actionable form. You can read more about rApogee here and here.

With James’ generous Christmas gift I reckon there will be many new users to RaSof and I would like to make their experience as productive as possible. Therefore my Christmas gift to you is a free copy of rApogee. Here’s the page to sign up and claim your Christmas gift.

To ensure that the electrons of this blog post reach all the remote corners of the Internet, you have all Twelve Days of Christmas to claim your gift. That is until January 6, 2008. After that date you will still be able to purchase rApogee for the regular price of $105.

That will also give you time to let your blog readers and customers know about this gift. (Hint.)

If you find rApogee useful I’d appreciate if you leave a comment below.

Got iPhone?

20 December, 2007 (12:24) | General, Tools | By: Nick Dalton

If you’re a seasoned iPhone owner you know that behind the shiny surface and the slick user interface there are many unexplored features hiding.

Did you know for example that you can increase your speed of typing on the iPhone keyboard significantly using this simple “Shift and Hold” trick:

Most keys don’t register your keystroke until you lift your finger. However the Shift and Punctuation keys are exceptions that you can use to your advantage.

  1. To type a punctuation character, tap and hold the punctuation key (.?123)
  2. The punctuation keyboard appears.
  3. Drag your finger to the desired punctuation key.
  4. Lift your finger.
  5. The keyboard returns to the alphabet layout.

How could you know that? There are no hints in the user interface that might lead you to discovering this trick. As it happens I have a shortcut for you to discover this trick, and one hundred other useful tips and tricks about the iPhone.

I just finished writing an ebook called “101 iPhone Tips and Tricks“.

If you’re getting/giving an iPhone as a gift this holiday season, do yourself and the recipient a favor: get the ebook as a companion for the iPhone. It will save you a lot of time and headaches. And it will allow you to get the most out of the iPhone.

Looking for a last minute holiday gift? The ebook doesn’t require any shipping. You can download it immediately at the last minute. But don’t wait too long. You will want to take advantage of the special holiday pricing before it expires. Here’s the URL:

Money For Nothing…and your clicks for free

19 December, 2007 (18:05) | General | By: Nick Dalton

Seth Godin has written a great little ebook about getting traffic to your web site. It emphasizes the three “U” tactics:

  • Useful
  • Updated
  • Unique

Most of the examples in the ebook are from Squidoo (no surprise since that is Seth Godin’s own baby), but the tactics are equally applicable to blogs and other web sites.

Who’s got time to learn how to fish?

6 September, 2007 (06:32) | General, Life, Tools | By: Nick Dalton

Mike Filsaime has a thought provoking post today titled “Fish, Poles, Boxes, and Buttons…” where he argues that people do not want to learn how to fish, rather they want to push a button and get instant results. While I think this is a sad trend, it is a reflection of today’s society of instant gratification and short attention spans.

If I accept the fact that I cannot change society as a whole, how can I adapt my own products to this reality?

Most of my products are software tools so they fall in the “poles” category: My Article Tracker, My Ranking Tracker, rApogee and Unique Article Publisher. rApogee stands out from the group since it requires a service from a separate provider which costs $1000 per month. So my customers for rApogee are already very committed and thus my refund rate is very low.

These software tools were developed to automate work that would otherwise have to be done manually. But work is still required. If you are looking for a push button solution for your article marketing then I highly recommend the Content Spooling Network; articles are written and submitted for you automagically.

The Digital Security Report is an ebook and a series of videos that show you how to protect your digital products from free downloads. Definitely falls in the “fish” category. However there is an upsell where I offer to perform a security audit of your web site. It is expensive so it attracts people who do not have the time to learn how to do it themselves. I would categorize this as a solution in a box. It’s not quite a button since the web site owner still has to implement the suggestions in the security audit. Offering the implementation as a service would be possible too, but it would require that I be granted access to servers and the authority to make changes. So far I have not seen a lot of demand for this, but if this is a service you would buy, please let me know.

I am currently developing a line of professional WordPress plugins. More “tools/poles”… An easy way to make this a solution in a box would be to bundle the plugins with WordPress. One install and everything is configured and ready to go. Add a couple of optimized templates/themes and the best plugins preconfigred, and it’s definitely a box. Taking the last step to a “push button” offering is certainly doable too. Register domain names and add hosting just like Mike and Ray did for their 1,000 sites that sold out in a day. There will be some added logistics for transferring domains and hosting, but since this will be a premium offering the price should be able to support it.

Thanks for the ideas Mike!